Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Global Warming and other random thoughts

Has anyone other than me seen the wheels coming off of the AGW train?The big name scientists who backed it are starting to back away. More and more is coming out about all the flawed, or in some cases faked data. The Medieval Warming Period has thrown a wrench in the works, because, gee whiz, things got warmer and there were NO cars back then; not much heavy industry either.Meanwhile those that are making money on this scam(like AL Gore) are nowhere to be found. The network TV stations still play the (untrue) ads about polar bear decline and people are still worrying about costal flooding. I predict that within 5 years the same folks who are screaming about AGW will be screaming about the coming ICE AGE. . . .Anyway, it is about time to start those tomato, pepper, sguash,cucumber,etc. seeds in your kitchen. They need a good 6 weeks to grow large enough to transplant outside after the frost is over( usually April 15th here in the Greenville area). I am trying a few heirloom varieties this time so we will see.I will post pictures as they ( hopefully) grow.With Spring approaching there will be deals in the Nursery so keep watching. . .The Breath of Spring/Winter honeysuckle are blooming right now, and don't they smell great! We have a few for sale, contact us if you are interested. . They will take sun/partial shade,grow to a height of 6' and a width of 5' and flower from now through February. Looking to the future-The Piedmont Plant and Flower Festival will be happening the last of April/first of May. Come check us out!