Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yikes!! Here it is , the second week of May, and I am finally writing a blog. . . .Lots of happenings since my last post (back in the Dark Ages, I think): The big Spring sale at the Farmers Market went well,the weekly sales at the Nursery are continuing ( great way to get great LOCALLY grown plants), and my veggie garden is doing great!
I can't emphasize the advantage of locally grown plants/shrubs enough. . . the plant is used to this climate, it has survived at least 2 years in this climate ( at least at Nature Trail Nursery), and is "toughened" to our growing environment. How long will that Big Box shrub ( that has been grown only God knows where) last in the heat of August and September? How long does the bloom last on that hydrangea you bought blooming in March, when it shouldn't even start blooming till May?
On to another soapbox. . . .
Have you noticed ( if you plant a garden, and if you aren't, you should be) that most places that sell seed are selling more and more hybrid seeds only, or at leaat less of the heirloom varieties? This is NOT a good thing. . . .Heirlooms are the dependable standards that produce true to ther parent plant, year after year. With hybrids, who knows what you get if you replant seed from what you grew this year.If we lose the heirlooms and are left with only hybrids, the safety and security of future seed resources is at risk. . . . which leads me to genetically modified vegetables, which is a topic for another day.
Remember, buy local, help the local economy, and use environmentally friendlier plants. . . .available at our Nursery.
We are still having sales on Saturdays through the first of June ( from 9AM till 1PM) See you there!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Here we are in 2011. . . .where did 2010 go? Did you accomplish what you wanted to this past year? Have you set new goals for this year? Will you try some new or different plants or shrubs in your yard or garden? Do you have ideas or plans for some new hardscape. . . maybe a retaining wall, firepit, or walkway?
If you are ready for new or additional hardscape, give us here at the Nursery a call or email. We can design/install something to fit your budget and your lifestyle.There is nothing like the look and texture of a real stone fireplace, walk or wall, plus the added benefit of years of dependable service and durability.With real stone, you never have to worry about the color of your stone wearing off, or the stone itself deteriorating,
If you are ready for additional or new shrubs to add interest color, or depth to your yard, consider our many varities of hydrangeas or wegelias. We offer old favorites as well as new varities such as the "Incrediball"mophead hydrangea, or the beautiful "Glowing embers, with its dark red to rose -colored blooms.
We will begin offering blueberry bushes by the Fall of 2011, so be ready for more announcements about that.
I pray all of our friends and interested readers will have a safe and prosperous New Year, and I look forward to helping to beautify your yards and outdoor living spaces.