Monday, January 4, 2010


Dadburn it, it is cold!!! At this time of year we don't think much about our yards, but there are some things to do. . .If you have fruit trees, now is the time to spray them with dormant oil. This will kill the bugs that like to overwinter under the bark of the tree. Follow the mixing and application instructions on the oil( which you can buy at any garden center,Lowes or Home Depot) and spray those trees and bushes! Now is the time to cut back those Annabelle hydrangeas and hardy Hibiscus (we sell both, by the way) to about 12" above the ground. Throw away or compost(better idea) the branches. You DO have a compost pile, don't you? And now, on a political note: What is it going to take to make this administration admit that these ongoing acts of TERROR are being committed by MUSLIMS and that these rats need to be treated like the murderers and thugs they are?! Shoot these rodent illegitimates and bury them with some pigs. Then let's see how anxious they are to take one for allah. . . As long as these "man caused disasters" are glossed over we can expect more of the same. Your thoughts comments and ideas are welcomed.I may not agree with you, but I will let you speak your mind. So far, we can still do that here. . . Like the fireplace in the photo? We can build one for you.

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don said...

A really, really beautiful fireplace.