Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring,Haiti, and Preparedness

With the continuing cold, my thoughts go often to the garden, and the chance to start planting. . . no, not planting yet, although you still could squeeze in a few Spring flowering bulbs (like daffodils, hyacinths, or crocuses). I am so ready to plant radishes, beets, lettuce, and onions, and then harvest those fresh organically grown veggies and chow down on a fresh salad. . . . I believe there is a connection between man and the soil, and for those who are willing to explore this connection, great satisfaction ensues. What a tragedy is taking place in Haiti even as I ramble, and my thoughts and prayers go out to friends there, and in fact for all affected .This brings me to my last point: BeingPrepared How ready are you and your family for even a minor natural or "man -caused" (what a bunch of bs!) disaster? Do you keep flashlights with fresh batteries on hand? Do you have any canned /dry goods on hand to feed yourselves for at least a few days? Do you have any cash on hand( I know, I know, I am a Luddite. . . Nobody that is techno savvy and "with it" keeps cash around.) That debit card ain't much good if the computers that run with it are down. How abour 5 gallons of gas? At least you can keep a little mobility. How about a jug of common bleach to purify water if the water system gets contaminated? A flood can put the screws to a water treatment facility real fast. What about a means of self defense? Horrors!! Yes, I am talking about having a gun(s) and knowing how to,and be willing, to use them to protect you and yours. Does this subject disturb you? Would you rather get back to important stuff like American Idol and the latest football/basketball game? Then don't come to me for help when the fecal matter hits the fan. You won't like my reply. . .


don said...

What an excellent summation of these present times. You brought up many points I had not considered in a while.

Food and raiment, first. Much there to ruminate upon.

My heart is with the Haitians,,,,,,a sad state of,,,,geopolitics.

Keep looking up:)

don said...


ever eaten smoked pecan/ex sharp cheese?