Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here we go

I have some strong opinions about politics and living . . . for now all I will say on politics is we are in deep trouble as a nation. . .on living, however I am going to let it fly. I strongly believe we should do all in our power to support , all local business, in every way we can. Buy local food and local made products where ever you can, support local tradesmen and merchants, and for pete's sake buy your plants and shrubs locally, especially if the nursery is growing them your area. You will be amazed how much better plants do when they are raised in the area they will be planted in! At Nature Trail Nursery we only sell what we grow here. If we bring in any plants or shrubs from out of state, we acclimate them for at least 2 years before we sell them. the result is a healthier, happier plant with much better chances of vigorous growth and survivability. Just because it is sold locally, doesn't mean it is! Ask before you buy next time, you may be surprised.Stay in touch for tips, ideas and photos. . . send me your ideas, comments, questions, and photos. . .let's get something going. . . locally!

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