Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random thoughts

Looking out my den window,watching the sleet/snow blow over the sheet of ice covering the front yard makes me (1) GLAD for the heat coming from the woodstove, and (2) wish that Spring wasn't so far away. Took my boy out sled riding this AM and we both had a good time. Yeah, even I went down the hill once or twice. Still want to build some more raised beds for the garden. Still planning what I am going to plant and where I will plant it. I am sooo ready to start picking fresh veggies. . . Here is a thot: If you live in a apartment/condo, and don't have the room to plant a garden, try to find a friend or relative that does have the room and offer to do a shared garden. Or find a community gardening site. I wish there were more of the community gardens around. If you know of one let me know, and I will spread the word. . . Any political topics to rail on or comment on ? let me know what you think. . . tell your friends. The more people that read this blog, the more information that gets out there.


don said...

Is that a fig leaf? and a FORD?

I think FORD is FORD tough.

don said...

Well, Obama has messed up GM and Chrysler and is working on Toyota. I wonder what he's doing with Ford?